Bogdan Mazoure - PhD student @ MILA (McGill University)

About me

I am currently a PhD student at the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA) and McGill University, co-supervised by Devon Hjelm and Doina Precup. My research interests include deep reinforcement learning, probabilistic modeling, variational inference and representation learning.

I am a research intern at Microsoft Research, New York in the reinforcement learning team during Summer 2020.

I have completed my Master’s in Statistics at McGill University under the supervision of Johanna Neslehova. My thesis focuses on reconstructing graphical models from discrete data with variational inference and multiarmed bandits. It can be found here: link.

I was a research intern at Microsoft Research Montreal in the reinforcement learning team during Summer 2019.

I was also a research intern at Nuance during the summer of 2018 where I collaborated with Atta Norouzian. My work there focused on modeling acoustic signals such as speech with deep neural architectures.

Previously, I obtained a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Statistics in 2017 from McGill University.

Research interests

  • Deep reinforcement learning, exploration and representation learning;

  • High-dimensional statistics and optimization;

  • Parametric and non-parametric Bayesian methods, approximate inference;

  • Probabilistic graphical models;

  • Generative models and density estimation.